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AVH-P3200 Opinions

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Any users that have this chime in on thoughts? Likes, dislikes...
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I LOVE IT!...has sooo many cool features, but not too many to make it cost $500...i have it in my 2001 mustang gt and its putting the gps unit in it 2day too
twistedchild420 has it as well...he did a review of it i think
I deffinately would recommend the bt I like that feature so much and it's only like $50 more
The inks thing I don't like is there is no rear USB other than that it is an awesome hu
its got the front usb...wat u need a rear for??
good unit

im doing an install for a friend of mine in a 2008 ford escape, and this was the unit of choice :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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