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Alan worked with the Beatles and pink floyd as a
Another great studio

Back in my school daze I was a DJ and I got lots of complaints from my esoteric friends who were into what they claimed was SQ music...I played Bowie's "Man who sold the world" when it came out in 72 everyone complained, 2 years later when "David Live" came out he was a hit and everyone wanted me to play it? We broke a lot of molds and always played challenging music and we weren't happy unless people complained...
Here's a few songs from that period that were considered

IMO just cause a song sounds good loud doesn't make it SQ. Sq music is typically acoustic. Acoustic instruments are harder to replicate through speakers due to no built in distortion. Listen to some acoustic wind, brass or string recordings if you really want to check your system out. They tend to break up you speakers more than anything other than distortion. Just my $.02 worth :D
621 - 640 of 666 Posts