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Best shallow mount sub?

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Ok so I just bought me a new 2010 Chevy crew cab. I want to keep everything pretty stock so the whole fam can fit. I gotta have some bumps though and Im looking at buying a under the seat enclosure. So what Im needing to know is who makes the best shallow mount subs?
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Try JL's slim sub, heard some last year and they are nice!
SI and JL... two of the best. the SI is a ***** to get thou...
Iv seen good results with both memphis and americanbass shallows
JL's are finally lower priced now
Memphis S-class
I would say my Aura 8's that I just received, but those are staying put :D
memphis shallows are very nice beat the cvt p3 shallow pioneer and sony for sure
dayton makes a beautiful flat and it comes in sizes from 8"-12". they also have matching passive radiators for them.

i would like to know how the alpine flat sounds, anyone use it?
im runnin two memphis s class 10's under rear seat of f150.. they are ok.. i know what you mean about wanting to save room for the family, I wanna get rid of my rear seat and put a wall in the future tho. oh i heard the flat type rs they sound great but not good enuff for me to pay more and give up my s class's
My bad should have researched a little better! How do I go about checking out them SI's they look sweet?
My bad should have researched a little better! How do I go about checking out them SI's they look sweet?
that was just one of many times people have asked the same question

personally i wouldnt bother with them. they looked decent and sounded like they would be nice. it was one delay after another when they were supposed to be coming out. it took over a year for that to happen.
i dont know what the time frame is to actually get them but from all the hype when they were coming out and the delays i would expect the exact same from them in getting them to you.

there are so many other choices out there that are great subs and you can have in a matter of a couple days or same day if you wanted to go to a retailer
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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