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best way to ground battery on trunk with unibody ?

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i only have one battery and it has been moved to the trunk, right now i have battery grounded to the strut tower in the back and a ground in front going from engine to strut tower and another going from transmission to frame, im still not getting the best of electric, voltage drops on 1kwRMS audio but i even get a bouncing gauge with turn signal, was wondering if i am having bad ground ?

LET MEH NOOES:confused:
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gounds clean ?

take a ohm meter from ground to neg terrmal on batt

should read 0 (like a short) or really really close to 0 ... if it dont its a bad ground
have all ground points been cleaned of paint to bare metal? if it was me i would run a 1/0 ground all the way to engine anyway and several 1/0 body grounds front and rear just for good measure but i tend to over do my electrical;)
might have a bad alt too, stock might be dying.
what kinda wire? i had probs with silver tinned wire
all grounds were sanded untill i could see a reflection almost and all connections soldered
wire is all 1/0 100% copper welding cable
no its thin strand very flexible
welding cable is great i've been using it for about 20yrs. it sure beats most of this junk that's sold now.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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