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SAAB 9-5 M98
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Hi all! My hobby has nothing to do with my work. At work I do 3D graphics, advertising for our company and things like that.

At home my main hobby is vintage car head units by Clarion, Nakamichi, Mcintosh, Alpine and the like from the last century. I have ac***ulated quite a few of them over the years.
Repairing and restoring them. And upgrading. Gradually I changed the acoustics at home for listening and tuning these devices. Frankly speaking, over the years I realized that the vast majority of modern models sound much worse.

Over time, I started to sell my restored and refurbished Car radios on eBay. Put up expensive, $400-600 average price. Main buyers were from USA, but also from Canada and Asia. At first business went well, then even better, repeat orders appeared, people left good reviews. And suddenly in the fall, eBay policy changed, removed convenient PayPal, switched to Payoneer payment system and drastically added a percentage of taxes(((
I also had to open a new store, it turned out that I had German and UK accounts from 2013-14 and they were not suitable for the new clearance rules. Only I made a Russian account, three months again recruited reviews and in March everything closed))) Now as a Russian I'm there "on vacation" through 2031...

But we are not discouraged, I continue to study further this equipment, mainly my most interesting findings (in addition to complex mechanical repair), is the translation of the radio frequency from Japanese (90) to European (108) and American (107.9) FM grid. To do this I had to buy a number of donors, but the result pleased me.

I am looking at this site. I will probably try to start selling here. I have some new in box Car Radio (MB100, AVX77 etc) and many old units restored to working condition.

Regards and thanks for your attention, Eugene.

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