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Blues car audio / Linear Power is Back

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This is from 12volt news. This brings back some memories.:thumbsup:

Blues Car Audio & Linear Power Are Back

Members of the Linear Power and Blues Team at the USACi Finals. (L to R) TJ LaChartte, Steve Carnahan, Richard Nye, Ray Rayfield, John Neal, Herman Smith and Randal Johnson.

Shreveport, LA (10.25.10) – Blues Car Audio by Linear Power, Inc. is proud to announce the results of their competition team participation in the USACI World Finals.
A strong showing was made in Shreveport by the Linear Power / Blues Car Audio competition team with six vehicles qualified and five competing in the event. The sixth, Ray Rayfield’s Ford Escape, was on display in the Blues Car Audio booth. They were the largest team at the World Finals and took home the trophy for team championship. The team was recognized with eight awards.
LinearPower, definitely a “power” from the past had a substantial presence on the event floor. Ray Rayfield is leading a group that is relaunching the brand. Rayfield told “We are now shipping our Blues speakers -subs to 10″, separates and a component set. Linear amplifiers will be shipping after the first of the year. All of our products are designed and built in the US of A. Our products are all about reproducing music. The dealers we presently have on board find our approach refreshing – and profitable.”
John Neal – World Champion for Mod Q
Richard Nye – Region 6 overall and World SQ Point Champion
Randal Johnson – Region 2 SQ Point Champion
Herman Smith – World Champion for Intro SQ+
TJ Lacharite – Third place in Super Mod SQ+ and third place in Open SPL
Ray Rayfield with the Blues speaker line that is now shipping.

It a field heavily saturated with boom and flash the products and vehicles brought by Blues and Linear Power were strongly focused on sound quality and reliability. These vehicles attracted much attention due to their different approach to demonstrating products. Not one Blues speaker or Linear Power amplifier was damaged during a long weekend of hard abuse. TJ Lacharite was even asked to “turn it down” for the SPL awards.
Linear Power, Inc. and the Blues Car Audio product line are headed strong into 2011 starting with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. January 6 – 9. The competition team will be expanding its numbers in the coming year so look to see them at USACI, IASCA, and MECA events in 2011.
This momentum comes right before the highly anticipated release of the brand new line of Linear Power amplifiers.
All Linear Power amplifiers and Blues drivers are designed in house and built in the USA.
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LOL, it is all good. It is an interesting read for people who missed it.
I guess for those that didn't know Blues and Linear Power are back. Ha! Ha! Ha!
I'm waiting for Audio Art to be reintroduced now. . .
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