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box recomendations

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I got a 15 inch memphis mojo getting ready to go in a 93 astro van wondering what the best cubic feet and tunning would be.
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What series mojo? The 08's the CM cast or the old ones with orange M baskets? It actually says on Memphis' website under discontinued subs but from my 08's and the CM cast but their all roughly 3.25cu ft to 3.5cu ft and tuned to 34 or 35hz

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Since Im on my phone and the link for the enclosure specs are in Pdf format, it wont let me post. Just go to google and type in "15-Mojo15d4" and the 4th and 6th link both go to the same pdf file. It shows all mojo subwoofers along with minimum box size sealed, minimum vented along with tuning freq and vent size then optimum sealed and optimum vented with tuning freq and vent size. You'd have to find your exact model number as I don't know it but im sure its going to be 3-3.25 vented optimum with 34hz tuning

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its the old school series
the old bright orange basket.. i loved them series

15s would like 4 cubes net each if giving rms power.. 3 cubes to 3.5 on more power.. they like 13 to 17" of port per cubic foot..

i had a single mojo 12 in 2.6 cubes net tuned at 28 with 14" per.. on 1k rms it took it for hrs on end,,and got stupid low..
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