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1. Car. Year, Make, Model: 2001 ford explorer sport

2. Subs. Make, Model, Size, How many: 4-Sundown SA15D4

3. Power. How much power per sub: 1200 watts (Cadence ZRS-C65 per sub wired at 2ohms)

4. Goal. SPL or SQ: Mostly spl but not sloppy

5. Sealed or ported: ported

6. Sub/port placement: Whatever is easier

7. Max dimensions: I would like it built around the wheel wells. top will be 52w x 30 ht x depth (unlimited) bottom part: 42w x 6ht x depth (unlimited) Hope you can understand what I'm saying here. lol

8. Desired NET vol and tuning(optional): Per manufactures spec's, or whatever you suggest. Ported @ 3.0 cubes tuned to 35 Hz - F3 of 30 Hz

9. Finish: plain

10. Zip code for shipping: 49038

11) Additional comments: if wheel well cut outs cannot be achieved, then max specs will be 42w x 36ht x depth (unlimited). Would also like the subs flush mounted with a double baffle. Looking to purchase in 1-2 weeks just shopping around to see how much I'm looking at $$ wise. A kit would be best, but if I can only get a design with cut list then that is fine too. Thanks.

Spy also offer several options you can add if you would like. Please note these are options Spy offer and other builders may offer more or less options. If you want something you don't see listed feel free to ask.

Double baffle: YES
Double baffle/flush mount: YES
Round over all port edges inside and out:
Round over all outside edges:
45's in all inside corners: YES on long corners only
Kerfed port:
Kerfed walls:
Slanted back:
Paint inside of port:
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