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i have a 15' psi what box should i build?

3. Power. How much power per sub:

4. Goal. SPL or SQ:

5. Sealed or ported:

6. Sub/port placement:

7. Max dimensions:

8. Desired NET vol and tuning(optional):

9. Finish:

10. Zip code for shipping:

11) Additional comments:

Spy also offer several options you can add if you would like. Please note these are options Spy offer and other builders may offer more or less options. If you want something you don't see listed feel free to ask.

Double baffle:
Double baffle/flush mount:
Round over all port edges inside and out:
Round over all outside edges:
45's in all inside corners:
Kerfed port:
Kerfed walls:
Slanted back:
Paint inside of port:

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id ask [email protected] what sub that is first, then u can figure out more

u also need to post what the max dimensions of the box can be while still fitting in the car and having clearance from any obstructions
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