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Box size for 2 t2000 15's

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Need box size and slot or aero port for t3 t2000 15's in 03 chevy impala
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If you have the room put them in a box 8 cubes after all displacement with either slot or area and put about 16sq in of port per cube.
The best I can get is 5 I can't get 8 cubes
then u should only run 1 15
Will it hit harder than two???? Street beat and spl
its hard to fit 1 15 in some trunks, let alone two properly

those will work in 6-8cuft ported... but u could run both sealed in ~4cuft total
The best I can get is 5 I can't get 8 cubes
then do a single TSNS 18" instead of 2 T2K 15's
I have a 2004 impala and i was able to fit 8.1 cubes before port displacement. simple as pie
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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