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Hello again,
I'm doing a new build,for now only with front stage speakers,waiting for the subs.
I'm installing 4x 8inch woofers per door,with 8 8inch woofer in total. They are very resistant and people use It with like 3-400w per speaker.
The final impedance will be 2 ohm.

I currently have a Stetsom EX3KEQ 1 ohm,a brasilian amps that put out like 3.000W RMS at 1 ohm and 12,6v.
Wired at 2 ohm will be much less and I think too low to get the speaker at their max potential.
I'm taxing the amp hard,the voltage drop to 13,6v with clipping led briefly blinking.
If I go to an 8000,and don't push it to clipping,will It still sound louder? Will It be more Energy efficient?
I have 80ah agm front,100ah agm back and 150A alternator.
Thanks for you help!
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