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Charging AGM batteries

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Okay so I'm looking into a KinetiK KHC2000 and possibly another for under the hood. Can I use my battery charger or do I need to buy a special one?
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You need to use a charger that has an AGM setting. Then again, Kinetik's are junk from the beginning so you can charge them with whatever you want, kill them, then buy real batteries.
As long as the charger has an AGM setting you should be fine. However a few people have found some chargers to have the setting, but charge at an improper voltage i.e. 15.5-16v where it should never be higher then 15v max. Ideal is 2.4v per cell.
i just got a battery tender it works fine!
A battery tender is fine for one battery. But it really isn't a good charger. It only puts out a few amps which takes forever to fully charge multile batteries. You are better off buying a charger that has a float setting.
yeah i let it sit for a day or 2 on it but if you want a quicker charge you need a charger. what charger do you use?
it should be fine.
My wife works at Sam's might have to look into that
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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