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Dayton WT3

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Anyone have any experience or opinions on this tester?
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I'll sell you my bnib wt3 :D
How much? Lol is it any good? Or should I just go with the wt2
I don't have 1st hand experience with either one, but I am buying a wt2 to try out :nod:
I was gonna buy a wt2 but you have to make a PayPal account to buy it and I refuse to support PayPal lol
I hear ya on PayPal :D
I'm very happy with mine. Bought from and it came with a free gram scale....pretty useless for big subs since you need about 1KG, but I use multiple 5oz fishing weights for added mass so I weigh all separately and add the values.
The wt3 will get the job done...

wt2 is just the nicer shit!
i have the wt3 and the old peak instruments wt. the wt3 is fast and easy,with the new beta 2.0 software it works killer on windows 7. my old peak wt works well too but you can do some more things with it over the wt3, but it take about 5min to get t/s with the old one. you cant go wrong with any of them, they are a great tool to have for sure.
Yea i just want to test a few speakers not make a living from it lol I keep hearing the dayton is junk though.
i think the wt3 is good, it tests the same as my old $250 peak one. just the wt3 is 10 times faster lol. i personally think the old peak one i have tests vas more accurate.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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