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DD components?

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Who has used them? What were your thoughts? Tweeters smooth? Power handeling?
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Not sure actually... what options are there for 6 1/2's? Price range?
well they have the cheaper ones that have great midbass but tweeters are harsh
then they have the german comps that are great all the way around
I don't have any current pricing but the cheaper ones should be under 200 and the germans are like 500 I think
Will look into it closer on Monday. I hope 500 is a really high estimate {fingers crossed}
well I was going by the Australian price on those in aus they are 560 so not sure what they are here. DD has a sale not to long ago selling the midbass drivers for $75 each
Does it matter John? You swing so hard on DD's nuts you look like a mole down there :lol:

Bear in mind your sub stage and how many speakers you'll need in your front stage to "keep up".
Was hoping for 4 sets of comps. Will see how it goes.
Would 4 more pair make me hug a little tighter?
Buy 4 pair of the Germans and they might let you tickle the taint too :rofl:
if you mount the tweeters off axis they won't be as bright
the new comps come with a silk dome tweets thats smooth not the old titanium ones.
Will have to call Monday an check on that one. Do not like the harsh ones :(
look it up they are the t2 tweets.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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