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difference between anl and midi anl fuses

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ok i know that they say the same for amps but has anybody done a direct swap do they really carry the same getting ready to buy a couple fuse holders and fuses for meca and wondering if i should just get the midi or go for the anl? im trying to run as low as a class as possible and the smallest anl fuse i can find is 60a.​
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you mean mini?

You can spread the load over more surface area...more surface area can take more heat. Instead of running 1-300amp fuse run 3-100amp fuses

What class? Some classes are limited to the amount of fuses you can run
yeah the minis they call the midis too i understand the difference but i am trying to run the lowest class possible if i run 80a fuses since i have 2 amps i need 2 of them so i will be in 1001-2000 if i can run 2-30a then ill be in 501-1000. but just wondering if the minis are as good as a regular anl?
Both are rated at 30amp so both should perform the same right?
Only difference is size?

or is there more surface area on a regular anl vs. a mini, so it could handle more heat?
see thats exactly what im wondering tacoma!! id love to try the 30a minis and see how it goes but if it dont work im gonna go up to 80a which i can get in anl's and then run 300a daily.
hmmmm I'd like to know too

what class you shooting for street, mod?
street all under the window line. its whats in my sig!
except i got new subs that im picking up either this weekend or next!! im shooting for street 1001-2000 but if i can get the 30a fuses to last long enuff ill run street 501-1000. we also have comps here locally that are classified the same as meca!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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