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Do I have enough power??

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2 3500s audioques, is 260 amp irragi alt. And 2 3100s xs good enough for these amps to get the full 8600 rms thanksss
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you would likely never see the full 8600, but you would prob be fine to run it, the amount of wire yur running will help too, another battery would be better
maybe another alt and 1 or 2 more batteries. but you should be fine for now. you will prolly voltage drop though
yea like the post above . i would get another battery. and have atleast 2-3 runs of power wire and the same for grounds .
X2 yeah I would buy one more 3100 and three runs or wire each going to a battery
I think 2 runs of each is more than enough but another battery or two is good idea for sure.
I am surprised nobody else said this, but you need more than just another battery.
The formula is this: amps X volts = watts that means if you want 7,000 watts at 14.4 volts, you will be sucking 486 amps at 100% efficiency. You won't be 100% efficient so to be safe you will need at least 500 amps worth of charging power to break even. That means you need a second alternator or you will run your battery bank dry very quickly and have horrendous voltage drop.

Voltage drop makes the problem WORSE! Figure you want 7kw but have voltage drop down to 12v. That means you need 583 amps at 100% efficiency. Just food for thought.

No matter what though, you'll need at least two more batteries. Those amps should have AT LEAST two batteries each. Two runs of 1/0 for power and two runs of 1/0 for ground should be plenty. Don't bother with a chassis ground though, run direct from under hood to your battery bank.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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