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Eclipse AVN-5435 Security Issue call 800 message

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I have a eclipse AVN-5435 That was asking me to verify security. It was cold as hell last night and I needed to Jump the car to start this morning. Now its telling me to call 800. I called Fujitsu 10 and they are telling me they can fix it over the phone but want to charge me. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this? If so I will Paypal you $10.00 to walk me through it.. Figure its worth a shot...
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You need the code to unlock it if I remember correctly. I think Chaos_Theory on here is having the same issue with one of his decks. Might want to PM him and brain storm.
Just searched his post and dont see anything about it.. Thanks tho..
No, he hasn't posted about it. That's why I said PM him.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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