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Eddie Havok burned himself for 30 bucks.. Sad

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Buyer: EdgarCervantes

Seller: Eddie Havok

Link to original FS thread and/or trade agreement thread:
6 Selenium ST200 Tweeters - Car Audio Classifieds

Original deal details:
I bought a pair of Selenium ST200 tweeters for 30 dollars

Description of how the deal went bad:

I sent him the money through Paypal... he said he would send me a tracking number the next day... its been a month and nothing... I have sent him pm's and replied to his thread yet he hasnt even logged into his acc.
Screen shots supporting your claims:

Additional info: Im not even upset of loseing 30 dollars, I just want to let you buyers beware of this guy. That is all, Thanks

- EdgarCervantes
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still nothing from him
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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