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Engine whine noise

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I have a slight engine whine that comes through my speakers when the car is running. It isn't very loud and once my HU is above level 10 volume or so I can't even hear it. However, I just noticed it and its bugging me now, so I'm trying to make it go away. I also noticed this evening that, when my car is off, but the key is turned to accessories, that I could hear my heat a/c fan through my speakers as well. When I turned the hear off, the noise went away. I just ran a wire from the casing of the HU tonight to bare metal behind my dash, thinking that I maybe needed a better ground. That didn't change anything. I know my grounds to my amps are good and my RCAs are ran on the other side of the car than my power wire. I do have my remote start wires running beside the RCAs though. Not sure if that is enough to cause noise. I'm stumped to why I can hear my fan through my speakers. Anyone have any thoughts? Also, I'm pretty sure no wires are touching anywhere, all connections are secure and my amps arn't mounted to where they can come in contact with the chassis.
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Are you running an amp for your door speakers or running them off the deck?
Running off of a 4 channel amp. RF p4004.
are you hearing alt whine? try grounding your alt real good?
I'm running the factory alt right now. I always thought the alt was grounded by being bolted to the engine. Does it have its own ground? If so I could always upgrade it. I've got some Shok 1/0 left over not being used. The big 3 was done some time ago in Shok 1/0.
try grounding your deck, disconnecting your rcas will help find the actual problem whether or not its the deck or your amp
I ran a direct line from my battery to the head unit today, and clipped the stock ground on the wiring harness. The only ground the head unit is seeing is the ground I ran now, and it is still doing the same exact thing. Should I try grounding my RCAs?
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