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FINALLY ordered woofer tester 2. advice?

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finally ordered woofer tester 2. which i needed. anyone ever use this program and can give me some advice on setup and use?
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Very straight forward, calibrate it after installing the software and have a trustworthy measure ready for your piston diameter measurement and a solid weight with known exact mass for delta mass tests for Vas. click Q, Fs test, when its dome click Vas test and enter info, add mass to cone, click okay and it'll do its thing and youre done. You can download updats from the site as they are published.

If the woofer is bumped during test, it will record it and I recommend starting the test again. I set my start point to 10Hz and my end at 2K, but 500 is usually plenty.
so i need a weight of some sort that has mass to it for the one test? i can get one a few places. or can it be anything with a weight to it?
yep, I use 150g mass, just needs to be solid so that is doesn't change mass while vibrating (as a fluid would do) I have used my cell phone before lol. I use an accurate .01g digital scale and weigh out my mass and presto!
Thanx phil. I got one of my neos built so I. Caan test them pre breaak in. See where I'm at. Also will have it for future subs I build.
Yep! unbelieveably handy, test any driver, use it to model impedance rise and fs shift in an enclosure etc, even plot impedance curves and box responses, excellent tool! I know you'll love it.
i just gotta figure out how to do all that. hopefully it comes with some sort of manual. :thumbsup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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