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Purchased genuine new Focal ES165KX2s in Feb 2021 from authorized reseller. They are registered with Focsl and warrantied. I chose the Kevlar series for the inherent high end attempting to compensate for an aging hearing impairment effecting loss of high frequencies. although sounding wonderful I cannot justify such a high expense now having to invest in hearing aids. Selling them at $500 below MRP $750) is a great deal for someone and allows me to afford a couple sets of a less expense speakers. I powered them using a new Soundigital 800/4 Evo amp. They are in pristine condition only listening to them a few times in custom enclosures so not to damage them installing in doors. I re-packaged them with all the original materials. If any questions feel free to call anytime 3035058559 thanks for interest. Paul

586F5DF4-D0F4-4564-9809-F669E777EB84.jpeg F5872115-168D-49C2-8D53-C7A18AD656F8.jpeg
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