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No such thing, use your mind......

All I hear is we want free this or that, vote Democrat because we want to give you free this or that....

Since when has the Gov. ever given anything for free?

It first comes from taxes, then given to whomever, then has to be paid back in some way or another (which if there is no way to pay it back taxes just go up more), but damn I and many others are trying to move up in life without having to take on more burdensome taxes and bills to be forced to help someone else.

Helping someone when where and how should be your choice, not a government forced agenda.

If right now the illegals or college kids or whomever didnt get healthcare as of now there would be mass deaths disease and we would be in a state of emergency.

This is just the way for the Gov. to get their hands in more peoples business and on more peoples money.

1/2 the taxes I pay surely dont go to what they are supposed to, they go to paying some Gov. fools mortgage, vacation, auto lease and bottle service when off on that vacation.

Dont fall for the bullshlt, be smart....
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