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Good buy?

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hey so lookin for some 1/0 wire and this place is havin a 15% off sale. how is audiopipe 1/0 wire? any good? they sellin for 43 dollars shipped. any feed back is appreciated or if there are any better wiring for about the same price?
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how many ft for that much money
25 ft and its shipped and everything for 43$
so how is its perforance vs the price? would you rock it if you were pushing about 2k watts?
so how is its perforance vs the price? would you rock it if you were pushing about 2k watts?

Be careful, I just got burnt buying some wire that wasnt even copper! I'd look it up to make sure its oxygen free copper.
  • Audiopipe 0 Gauge- 25 Feet Power Wire (Color: Blue)
  • These wires are thick, yet flexible for an easy install
  • Best series from the best brand for wires
  • Audiopipe allows greater current transfer
  • This cable very flexible for ease of installation
  • Oxygen free
  • High current power handling
  • Part Number PW025BL
thats what it says under it
the pic doesnt look like 0awg looks more like 16awg
..... i wanna order somethin soon. you guys got any other options? or any used?
yeah from that pic that most def isnt 0 ga
It says oxyen free, like mine did but it doesn't actually say copper. I could be wrong but might be that cca crap. Make sure it says 100% copper.
i got a 20 foot (roughly estimating) of 1/0 welding cable id be willing to sell ya. The only thing is it has a few small nics in the insulation but its double insulated and i electrical taped it just to be safe. Everything i would sell ya would be

20 foot run of 1/0 welding cable
4 foot run of 1/0 knu konceptz (with terminal on the end)
knu konceptz 1/0 fuse holder
3 fuses(100A,150A, and 250A)
RCA (i wanna say there 18ft)

for all that it would be 60 plus shipping or best offer

just shoot me a PM/offer i wanna get rid of it all
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audio pipe wire is pretty good i got my dad a full 1/0 kit complete with 18ft hot 4 ft gnd 18 ft shielded rcas and 18 ft of rmt wire for 50$ plus shipping
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