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Got a new car..any suggestions

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hey guys just got a new car lastnight.. a 2005 pontiac g6 gt.. with 37,000 miles.. nice and minty fresh too.. paid 8000 for it..

i need opinions on what to put in here...nothing crazy and stupid like 6 12s and the such..
keep it simple right around 1500 to 2k rms and 8" sub to 12" subs..any suggestions??
ALSO i have a db electrical 250 amp alternator on order..AND 100ft of monster brand 0 gauge..and im going to use my current batteries now (3 shuriken bt100s)

and if any1 out there can inform me about how much of a pain the ONSTAR and crap will be to bypass it:angry5: and the steering wheel controls
anyways on to the pics :thumbsup:

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im more less a sound quailty guy.. ilike everything to sound clear as can be,..and evend out.. no bass killing the mids n highs..
i play nothing over 35 hertz also.. so its gotta like low tuning and sound good..

from what i get right now..i got room for 5 cubes at most
5 cubes sounds like 2 12's 2 me lmao
Good luck finding music that doesn't play over 35hz.
^^ i got a TON of music that aint over 35 range.. i got a 16gb ipod full
5 cubes sounds like 2 12's 2 me lmao
thats the usual choice.. but i REALLY been wanting to try some sundown sa8s in maybe a 4th order
Are you a girl?
why do you say that?

prolly because of the type of car it is OR the color..i happen to like the color of this car..and its the family car so yeaa..
I vote 6 sundown sa-8's in a 4 cubic ft box tuned to 32 hz with 2 4" aeros. That would get down and save space. Then for the amp get something like a soundstream dtr1.2200d or a powerbass asa1500.1dx (the powerbass is severely underrated does 2k+ at 1 ohm and 2.5k at 0.5 ohm). Then as for comps go crescendo.
^^ thats 1 of the better options ive herd.. 6 sa 8s would get pricy tho
i'm gonna say do some 10's like thor used to have in his GP. maybe 2 sa-10's off a saz 2k or saz 1500, or 2 level 4 10's off a dc 2k or somethin
I vote for 10"s.
keep it stock?

if its a must to do something
upgrade the speakers and leave it at that.

by-passing the on-star isnt a big deal but the part isnt all that cheap. the h/u in some of those also controls a lot more than just the stereo.
keep it stock?

if its a must to do something
upgrade the speakers and leave it at that.
cant be sorry gotta have a system..nice car nice system..thats a rule lol
got the alternator in today sexy lil 250 amp alternator... the monster brand 0 gauge will be here in 2 days
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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