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head unit advice

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First of all my budget is around 5-700$ for this, obviously less isn't going to hurt my feelings but a quality unit I feel is important.

I'm looking for a double din unit, needs to have 6 channel RCA out with at least 4v, backup cam input, aux cam input. Dim enough at night it's not blinding (mine sucks for that when it worked). Apple carplay (doesn't have to be wireless). A remote would be nice but not required.
My truck is very loud - so talking through the mic on the phone needs to be fairly solid via BT or carplay.

I really liked pioneer in the past but almost every review Ive read on their new stuff, not so good with touch response and things like that... now their may have been one I missed.

I have a floating screen head unit now, the boss one essentially, it has gone out twice and now is out of warranty so I'd like one that works. I bought a double din install kit for my truck - takes a little cutting but hopefully it's for the best.
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