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Hello to everyone. I am a new member and look forward to the content and ability to share and learn from open discussions

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I believe i followed a link here that had to do with having box designs done. At the moment my intrest is in having someone design a transmission line box for me. I am mechanical in every wat but math is a weak subject of mine to say the least. I followed a link for a guy that posted box design for 35 dollars by the name of iamsonic. I am open to anyone doing this for me as long as you know what you are talking about. I am currently running two Massive 8 in. hippo xl"s being dual 4 ohm. I am running a new or should i sayu new to me, Down4sound jp23 and a jp3/4AB. I am an orion junkie from the late 80"s early 90"s so it takes alot to impress me you might say. The mission statement is what caught me with this manufacturer. The price was the second thing that drew me in to take a further look. I am giving a good report to down4sound at this point. I am also going to state that this is the first manufacturer that I personally know of to offer a additional insurance policy good for one year at a time allowing you to stay in warranty running at a 1/2 ohm load. Challenge accepted I thought to myself. Anyway sorry for the ramble. Any thoughts on the t-line enclosure will be much appreciated.
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