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Help separate motor from basket

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How do you separate motor from basket? I removed all the screws but i guess the glue is still holding it together. I tried wedging a a flat head in there but am worried about chipping magnet. So how do you guys do it?
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tap on the basket with a hammer lightly while holding the motor firmly in your hand or have it wedged firmly on the ground with something. i usually hold the motor with my one hand really firm with the basket facing down and tap the basket with a hammer until it loosens. then i pull it off
I've held the motor, and tapped the frame on the floor. Came right off.
I just got done doing this.
On mine (Soundstream XXX) the basket was STUCK! I had to get a flat head screw driver and lean it on the inside of the basket, on the glue, and hammered on the end of the screw driver to completely remove the glue. Then I got the hammer and hit all around the rim of the basket. After that I gripped the basket and the miter and pulled as hard as I could and BAM! it's off. Hope that helps. Haha
dead blow hammer
OP just make sure the motor is secure or you could possibly misalign it. i had that happen with an re se. the tyoke went straight onto the side from jerkin on it without holding the motor still
With the sub sitting on a table I smack the basket in an upward motion with a rubber mallet.
thanks guys for all the tips
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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