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Hey Hows Everyone Doing

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Hey guys whats everyone up to,guess doing what we guys love to do car audio.Well thats why I am here I been scoping this place out for a few weeks now and decided to finally register,I am 28 years old been working with car audio since I was around 12 or so with my older brother who is almost 40 years old.I was searching on the net one day for a nice car audio hot spot and then came across this place and been kinda off and on and tonight I said it's time to register income tax is around the corner and I have a few dollars to spend and a new car(well used) but I figured ever since I sold my Orion hcca 15 and my kicker 1200.1 that I had in my explorer I would get something for this ride(4th gen maxima) but hey hopefully I can find something that can hit over 100 db I will be happy.
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welcome to the site im new here and i like it.

i dont think hitting over a 100db will cost ya that much :D
well my last system hit over 120 and it was only like 175 bucks :) and anywhere car audio I love :p
Where ya at in pa ?

Welcome to the show !!!
Im great, thanks for asking. I love car audio.
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