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I thought I would write up a simple and clear tutorial as to how a subwoofer motor is build. This write up contains no softparts, simple the motor assembly. For softparts I will have a tutorial up in time.

A motor consists of a yoke (bottom plate), magnet/s, top plate, shorting rings can also be included if anyone gets curious and wants to try and build their own.

First off we have a jig to center the magnets. This jig is made with two 1/2" pieces the bottom plate has the OD of the pole piece while the top one has the OD of the slug/s.

Taking a magnet you place it in the jig, due to how magnets are cut sometimes the the ODs are not all the same although the slug will still be round. In this case we can simply shim the magnet so it is centered in the jig.

Now that a magnet is ready to be placed on the t-yoke we can take a t-yoke. Most steel for subwoofers have a coating on them so they do not oxidize. This coating needs to be scuffed so the glue can stick to a solid surface. Some motors will have paint, others use a nickel plating in this case we have nickel plating.

The steel and magnet will bond to one another via a loctite adhesive. I prefer to use Loctite 392 with Loctite 7387 as the primer. Of the two surfaces being connected it does not matter which gets the glue and which gets the primer. For this example I will show the magnet having the primer applied to it.

Plz help me with the dimension and diagram of the motor, urgently needed
41 - 45 of 45 Posts