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How do I...Clamp Amps,Raise Voltage and can my car support 2 1500d's?

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Hey I had a few questions and I thought it would be easier just to put it into 1 posting...

1.What exactly is "Clamped Power" on your amp and how do I do it? Everyone is always talking about their clamped numbers and I have no idea what it is

2.How would I run a higher voltage system/turn the voltage up?If I got a Kinetik HC16V battery as a 2nd battery in my trunk, that hooks up to the amp, would that make my amp at 16v or is that bad? I hear people talking about Voltage regulators, is that a way to turn up and down my voltage when I want and if so where does it get installed at?

3.What do you suggest my electrical system to consist of for me to run TWO Sundown SAZ-1500d V.2's STRAPPED @ 1ohm?I currently have a Optima Yellow Top up front,2awg power wire,200amp anl fuse,220 amp power bastards alternator,10% Alternator Overdrive pulley,BIG 3,.6v volt booster and 5 farad cap. Voltage stays at 15.0 and never drops below 13.9 during hardcore bumping, idling at a light..

I was considering adding a 2nd battery in the trunk along the lines of kinetik or something like that, Would I be able to to run ONE 0awg Power wire from front Yellowtop to the rear 2nd battery and then I can run 2 0awg wires off that rear battery to the 2 amps right?

I'm probably going to need some help knowing what exactly to do to put a 2nd battery in the trunk and also what wires go where to strap 2 amps together. If someone could PM me letting me know I would greatly appreciate it
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1. There is a thread bout clamping amps, think u should search and Chk that out.

2. There are couple ways to run 16v u can get that kinetik batt and get a alt wit a adjustable reg for it. Chk out Mechman and give them a call and shoot them a email. 16v isnt anything to play wit. I'd research more and learn more be4 tryin that league.

3. Just add a good size batt in the rear like a xspower :) and ull b good. Chk there website out and look for your power range and find the right batt for u. Make a couple runs of 1/0 to the rear and get rid off all that extra stuff like cap etc. Not gonna need it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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