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How many batts ?

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Thinkin of getting some xs power batts I have a sundown 4500 1 ohm daily with stock alt for now was wondering what u guys thought on batts
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dependin on your alt you could just do a good batt up front and a 3100 in the back and not have a whole lot of drop
I'd do biggest batt. you can fit under the hood and at least 2 d3100's

Your alt is the thing holding you back
Yea I hear ya but its like 700 dollars!
look at the amp you takes power to make it
i would say get the alt i know is 700 but the amp is more dont go cheap with your electrical
Yea I know ima have to fork up the cash u guys know how much d3100 are
I am starting a build with the exact same thing
I am picking up a 270a alt and plan to run either 2 d3100s or a few big stingers.
Yea I know ima have to fork up the cash u guys know how much d3100 are
or you could trade me that 4500 for my 3500 and save yourself some electrical problems :)
Lol ill be alright;) anybody know cost?
bad4health sells deka 9a31s used here for 120 each. I got one of those and it works perfect. I would recommend those if you wanna stay on a budget
Any body have cost of the 3100s
Are the dekas in good condit
i would say 3 good batts and a alt
Thanks everyone for the imput
Yeah hes got some pretty good condition one. I mean they got some scuffs on them, but they aren't bad.
Pmed no response does anyone happen to have so batts?
replied, i was with my gf. sorry about the wait
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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