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how should i setmy filters on my rear midbass drivers?

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ok so i got my midbass drivers in the car now playing but i was wondering what i should set the filters to? as of right now i have the amp set LOWPASS 500hz and on the radio high pass 50 but i feel as if there is a better way, my radio has a highpass only and can go as low as 50 and amp has high and low pass up to 500, how should i set them or should i just set a highpass of like 40 on the amp and leave filter on radio off?

midbasses are Dayton Audio Reference RS180-4 7" midbass driver
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you have it set the best possible way right now.

You could go as low as 200 on your lowpass and it might sound even better. {if they are low in the rear, this will make nearly no difference to the sound}
they are right behind the seat right at your butt lol you can really feel the THUMP in your RUMP HAHAHAHAAA i made a funny lol ^^

i think i will set the low pass to 350
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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