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Ideas for my trunk build

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I need some good ideas on a box for my AQ hdc315 dual 1 ohm copper coil subs ive got coming in on monday I currently have 2 Audiopipe 3K 1 for each sub. (Its important that say this I KNOW THAT IS ALOTTA WATTAGE FOR THE COPPERS BUT AFTER IMPEDANCE RISE I WILL BE RITE AT 2Kw OR SO.) so thats y i opted for the extra headroom. theirs no need to mention this in ur post as i already am aware and has already been dually noted.

CAR: 96 Grand Marquis

Box size: ?????????????????????(I was thinking that i was gonna go slightly smaller than what DJ recommends to help combat the wattage but still am not sure at this point. instead of 4.5 maybe 4 net or 3.8net )

Alt: of Course it is the Mechman 270

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you just had a box that was 8 cubes in there why go smaller ? unless you meant 3.8 per sub an not total. what that will do is maybe allow better power handling an more control of the sub. maybe.
i would do subs up port back if that isn't what you already have since you made it clear you wasn';t going to show your system at the begining of the vid lmao
How much space do you have? If youre willing to pay for a design, shoot me a PM and well get you setup.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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