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In a bad deal

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Well its been a month since i bought a battery from FLASTRONGMAN, and he sent the battery off no problem and i got it 4 days later in the mail from UPS. Well there was a problem, someone had dropped the battery(UPS). Well i sent the battery back to UPS and they sent it back to him in Florida where im in Virginia. I then waited for him for a couple weeks to respond and got in touch with him and he said he would go and pick the battery up. I said give me a call and let me know what he can do about it, i either want my money back or what he said he would do is send me anohter battery my way that was just like it. Well i havent heard from him, been trying to get in touch with him via email via CACO and via phone, nothing... so yeah im wondering now if im coming out on a short end of the stick here. Cause i sure as heck aint letting 175$ dollars go down the drain. Any suggestions? Thanks
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I know he's on floridaspl, so you might want to try there...
It sounds like UPS owes you a battery and/or money..
did you use paypal?

start a claim, im sure he'll show up...
Yeah ups said when i called them like 2 weeks after i sent them the battery back that the battery was improperly packaged and the 100$ of insurance he put on the battery wasnt going to be covered, i mean i paid 175$ for it total, and yes i used paypal. So i guess ill file a claim on paypal then? ive never had to go through this so ill try to figure it out. I mean i gave him plenty of time to get back with me and i just dont see him doing anything if he aint called or contacted me by now.
OP, if it's that much of a issue (imo, it is) then you need to make a buyer beware thead to try to get things on the ball forum wise. nothing's really going to happen in the off topic section.
well i understand that part i just dont want to post him in there when the dude was rated really good and stood by his word on things buuuut in this case its a situation where i guess i have no other choice.
a month is long enough to wait for some kind of resolution IMO.
yeah it is for sure, i just wanted to give the guy enough time to get his stuff situated, he said he was really busy with things so i tried to work it out with him.
I don't know either the OP or the other party involved... but a month is definitely a long time to wait. I'd begin exercising my other options to reach a resolution if I were you.
Wow sucks I thought he was ok. Been through that route of "improper packaging" bs
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