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There are around 2.5 billion gamers in the globe. In addition, although some players may be adamant about sticking with their favorite game and system, the gaming industry as a whole is changing. Now that Google Stadia has entered the fray, people are wondering about what kind of influence this digital behemoth will have on the industry as a whole.
Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming service that has already been dubbed the 'Netflix of gaming' due to its popularity among gamers. Players who subscribe to Google Stadia will be able to access hundreds of games from any registered device as long as they have a Google Stadia subscription.
One of Google's unique selling points is that their service will be totally devoid of consoles. So, are conventional console games on their way out, and will internet gaming take over as the major force in the gaming industry?
Online vs Offline
For two years after its initial release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the most played online game in the world, according to statistics.
Since the late 1990s, online gaming has seen an increase in popularity, fueled by popular games such as Call of Duty and FIFA. Objectively, it seems that there has been a trend away from offline gaming toward online play. Grand Theft Auto V, which was initially published in 2013, has gone on to become the most successful video game franchise in history.
With GTA V, Rockstar's normally solo-oriented game made its first excursion into the world of online gaming, which was a major reason in the game's economic success at the time of release. But, let's go a bit further into the numbers to see where we are right now in terms of offline and online gaming participation.
In terms of statistics, offline gaming still has a little lead over internet gaming – but only by a slim margin. Only 47 percent of PC gamers choose to play online rather than offline. Cyberspace, on the other hand, has gained significant impetus in recent years, particularly with the introduction of live gaming and esports.
The popularity of online gaming has been growing at a double-digit rate over the last couple of years, and if current trends continue, online gaming will soon overtake offline gaming in terms of overall popularity.
What’s driving online popularity?
Fortnite has completely transformed the gaming industry and has significantly enhanced the development of the online gaming sector.
The inclusion of online gaming in popular video game franchises such as Call of Duty and FIFA has elevated the practice to the forefront of the public's attention. After Call of Duty became the most popular game in the world for a while, other game producers started to make their way into the online gaming industry on their own terms.
After a few years of steady growth, the game Fortnite had a boom in popularity with the release of the video game. The free-to-play game, developed by Epic Games, is a shooter-survival game in the Battle Royale type that was published in 2017.
Fortnite, despite the fact that it has restricted visual capabilities, has taken the gaming industry by storm because to its addicting gameplay. The game is available for free download and may be played on all major consoles, as well as on PCs and cellphones.
After only six months on the market, Fortnite generated sales of more than $2 billion from in-game purchases, surpassing the previous year's total. Because of the popularity of Fortnite, numerous free-to-play games have been developed, and they now seem to be dominating the market, particularly on the PC platform.
The forgotten gaming markets
Mobile: For a gamer used to playing AAA titles on a console or a computer, mobile games might be a significant disappointment. As is to be expected, visuals and gameplay on mobile devices are far inferior to those on consoles.
Furthermore, the plots and ideas are often simplistic and unsophisticated in terms of video game design. However, this hasn't prevented the mobile gaming sector from exploding in recent years. In fact, it has grown at an exponential rate.
Mobile games have found a market among folks who are not used to traditional video gaming environments. Several popular card games, such as Spider Solitaire, set the path for the present boom of mobile gaming, which is currently valued slightly less than $2 billion per year in the United States.
Gambling: Technically, gambling comes under the same category as gaming, albeit it differs significantly from video or mobile games in terms of content. Because of the rapid growth of online gambling since the turn of the century, it has become one of the most competitive sectors in the world. Online gambling generates $5 billion in income in the United Kingdom alone, accounting for a quarter of all gambling profits in the nation. Every day, new bingo halls, slot machines, and internet casinos open their doors in different parts of the globe, raking in tremendous gaming income.
Because the market is so competitive, online gambling organizations are always attempting to recruit new players by using all methods possible to achieve this goal. No need to go far for freebies, promos, and affiliate sites that allow gamers to check out games for free or read in-depth reviews before putting any money into their accounts. For example, BingoPort provides a list of bingo sites that allows users to create an educated judgment about any bingo site in the United Kingdom before deciding to join up. Furthermore, they have a program in place that rewards users for registering at online bingo sites through their website – this means that they have a large number of people who visit their website on a regular basis, hoping to take advantage of great offers and earning rewards as a result of their actions.
Many of the industry's most notable software developers are catering to their clients by using the same technologies as conventional video game producers. With the opportunity to play interesting and engrossing games at any time of day or night, from any location, and on any device, it's probably no surprise that a rising number of people are turning to the internet to bet.
What impact will Google Stadia have on gaming?
No of whether or whether Google Stadia eventually takes over the gaming industry, its influence on the way we play will be profound.
Although no official data have been revealed as of yet, we do know that Google has invested a significant amount of money on their new streaming service, which is called Stadia. That kind of financial investment demonstrates Google's determination to not just get a foothold in the game business, but to dominate it as well.
It is the company's ambition to become the most well-known gaming brand in the world, catering to every kind of gamer conceivable. In addition to hosting AAA games, the site will also offer lower-budget mobile games of the same genre.
Even if Google does not achieve its goal of dominating the game business, Stadia will still have a significant impact on the industry. Despite the fact that Google Stadia is still under development, other tech titans have taken note, with Apple announcing plans to launch a comparable service later this year.
Microsoft and Sony are also said to be working on similar streaming systems on a confidential basis. If you remember back to when Netflix originally began, it was cutting-edge and exclusive. It was breaking new ground in the market and leaving its rivals in the dust.
No such thing can be expected in the gaming industry, where every major tech giant is vying to cash in on the next big thing, which will undoubtedly usher in the undeniable domination of online gaming at the cost of offline play.

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