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So, just recently got it all together and falling into place besides the h/o alt and rims/tires. But this is what i go so far(making a list, will get pics up in a few days).
Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD
Alpine Type R- 5 1/4"
RE Audio 6x9
12" Oz power series built Sackett tuff =P
Solid Audio F2500D(wired low >=D )
MB quart 4 channel cant remember which atm. 640w i believe.
3 APC 85ah batts in the back and one batt under the hood.
2 24ft runs of 2/0(copper wire) from alt positive and negative.

Like i said i will have pics in a few days and maybe some videos here soon. Its beatin hard for 1 12"
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