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bought some new headphones and now that they are broken in I figured I would do a review
sound quality = 8/10
loudness = 7/10
build quality = 9/10
bass = 6/10
highs = 9/10
comfort = 10/10
value for the money = 9/10
when I first bought them I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be, seamed to distort easy and not loud compared to the skull candies I replaced. now 3 days in they have gotten broken in stopped distorting gotten louder and all around better. where the skull candies I had to eq up the high end I was able to set everything to flat again. The bass is great if you like how a sq or a home theater sounds. it's not over whelming but hits all the right notes.
all in all I would deff buy again. I think I'm going to buy an amplifier for them and see if I can make them sound even clearer than they already are.
comfort is great, they stay in place, do not feel huge in your ear and half the time you don't even realize they are in your ears except for the sound
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