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I put this in the competition section as well... but i know some of you guys/gals from tdh wanted to know when the next show was.


Store address: 108a Williamsport Circle
Salisbury, MD 21804

formats: SPL (sensor in center of windshield 1" from dash), "Low N' Loud" (35hz for 30 seconds with an average score being your final score), "Box Battle" (sensor goes into port of enclosure, 16" inside port, OR to the first bend in the port, OR to the back of the port/baffle, whichever comes first)

earn points in your class towards our finals!! We have a show EVERY MONTH and the winner of each class gets 10 points, second gets 8 points, third gets 5 points, and even if you dont get 1-3rd place, you still get one point just for showing up! we will have a "finals" in the fall of 2010 crowning the points champion in each class as well as the overall points champion.

classes: single 8, single 10, single 12-13, single 15-18, two 8's, two 10's, two 12-13's, two 15-18's, three woofers and up, "walls of pain"

trophies are super nice this time as we have found ourselves a show sponsor!
thanks to ExpressTech Computers in Salisbury, MD for showing support and sponsoring this event!
3ft marble dual post, two base trophies for best in class!!!
4ft wood three post, two base trophy for best of show!!!

our current record holders:

single 10"- Matt Elliott TEAM PULSE 145.3dB
single 12"- Jess and Gary Webb TEAM PULSE 144.5dB
single 15"- Teresa and Richard Boswell TEAM PULSE 156.0dB
two 10's- Joey Baker 139.9dB
two 12's- Katie and Joe Genco TEAM PULSE 145.8dB
two 15's- Chris Webster TEAM PULSE 142.5dB
3 woofers and up- Andrew May 146.5dB
walls of pain- Steve Hasabein team Stetsom 160.2dB

Low N' Loud- BJ January team Stetsom 151.6dB

Box Battle- Teresa and Richard Boswell TEAM PULSE 168.8dB

Come join the fun! Hope to see you there!!!


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i hope you tdh guys can make it down. especially you nick! i did this show on a sunday so you could go!
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