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Lanzar OPTI1535d questions?

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hey guys does anyone have any experience with these subs? they look awesome with that tc style basket and I have heard they perform fairly well. I know they have a "3" inch vc but i know the other model of the opti series (opti 1233d) is not quite a 3''vc and can't be reconed by companies like fixmyspeaker. any idea if the opti1535 can be reconed by fixmyspeaker? just in case i blow these things and want to beef them up in the future!? thanks!
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I'm sure these can be reconed with TC parts. IIRC, someone was saying that too. This thing is a beast and yes, I do have one but it's never been installed so I can't tell you how it sounds.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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