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Looking for some advice

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Hey guys here is my current front stage setup. Running a pair of Mmats pro's 6/5/1 being power from a JL 450/4. The mmats are currently being power with Channel 1 and 2. So they are seeing around 150 rms give and take a few.

I have a second pair of mmats pro 651. The only problem is on the back doors I can only fit 2 5.5 or 6.5 and a 4. So I need to contact Mmats to get a 5.5 mid bass driver or a 4 mid range driver. My brother just picked up a silverado so he said he'll buy the mmats off of me.

My question is what should I buy for the back doors. Keep in mind I will be running 3 15 RE XXX. So I need something in the back doors.

Not sure if I posted on the right section.
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What kind of car is this going in? I always think front loading is the best with little or no rear fill because music is only 2 channels and the bass from your subs is non-directional sound.

I had a 4 channel amp I used to run to all four channels in my Explorer. I decided to bridge to just the fronts and it was louder with the same SQ. It sounded fine from the back seats too.

Just do what fits easily and get your front soundstage as nice as possible. I would bridge or go active on the fronts and if you think its necessary run two coaxials in the back off the head unit.
Here is a picture of my front doors of my Avalanche. I don't mind fiberglassing the back doors. Just want it to sound really good. Any one else?


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I've always ran coax in the rear with a little bit of power. Is there a reason you want that much in the back? If so then then glass that set in there so they all match.
how much power your running to those xxx 15's? you may need to look into pro audio equipment if your wanting to keep with 3 XXX 15's!
Yeah I think glassing the Mmats would be the best thing to do. Right now I have a RD 3250.1 i'm in the process of getting a second RD 3250.1. Do you have any links to pro audio equip?
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