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Loud noise when starting car?

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hey guys i'm not sure whats going on if you have some ideas i'd really appreciate the help.

whenever i turn on my car the right speaker will make a loud cracking noise and then my left speaker will turn on right after the cracking stops, its only when the amp is barely turning on for the first time and doesn't happen at any other time and once the cracking noise stops everything plays fine. its a very loud noise that scares me half to death sometimes. i checked the ground and re-sanded it. which didn't change it at all.

well yeah let me know if you guys know! thanks
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yeah they are on a 2 channel amp just my front stage is amped by a polk 300.2 crescendo comps
U're sure it's not turn-on/turn-off "thump''? In your case it's just "turn-on" thou lol

How long do u have this amp for? What it like that from day 1?
well im not sure if it did it since day 1 im pretty sure it didnt.i bought it used on it doesnt happen everytime but it pretty much is everytime. its not a "thump" though and it doesnt make the sound when my car shuts off. i'll notice my left side (drivers side) wont work untill after the cracking noise. sometimes ill turn my car on and both will work right away. i changed headunits also and rcas too and it still does it.
try a different amp just hook up the power and the rca's. any amp should do just to see if the amp is poop
Take out the RCAs with the car off. turn it on and see if it happens with the RCAS out.
Giggle the RCAs on all of your connections, take your time and really move them, see if you get any popping. Hopefully it's that. Make sure your RCA's are not cut and grounding somewhere. Check your speaker wire. Make sure it all good condition and in tact. If not that, try borrowing an amp and swapping it out and see if it's that.
alright thanks guys ill try that all out this week when i don't have work! haha thanks again everyone
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