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I will execute your order on an individual project.
Approximate steps for ordering:
The description of the rings and grilles,parts, etc.
1. Drawing up individual technical project together with the customer.Please make a picture of the place they going to,manual to speaker or link required. It is desirable (but rather necessary) to make the photo
Clarification of the form, the type and design of products mounting rings(spacers or protective grill: mesh insert or clamp style), polishing, painting, satin finish (Decorative risk until matt) on photo examples from the gallery of works . Selecting protective mesh (grill): small or large, or the model for the manufacture of the machine laser cutting, etc. Model making himself at your request.
Manufacturing grid laser cut (after the approval of the model made by me according to your wishes or designs. Calculation and approval of its value is carried out separately, since its value is higher than the cost of nets made of perforated fabric.
2. I make a sketch and later, together, we specify all the dimensions, namely: which screws are used for mounting,what needed holes - which are necessary threaded holes (m3, m4, etc.) - may be for example a photo.
3. After clarifying all questions overall costwill be determined. Then I run to the work of the queue - about 2 weeks.
4. Payment after manufacture and provide a photo of final work.

Sending international mail EMS to the specified address.
What is included in the final cost and a brief description of the process (for example, rings with a protective mesh)
1. The diameter and thickness of the aluminum blank Rings.
2. its manufacture.
3. The production of holes and thread at a given radius.
3. Further -finishing of the rings-satin finishing, polishing, painting.

There are many examples here by reference (but not all)
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