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MB Quart passive crossovers

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1. Product:
Red 3way MCX328
Red 2way 200.73

Blue 3way -----
Blue 2way -----

2. Specs:
Red 3way MCX328 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;700hz,5000hz
Red 2way 200.73 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;6000hz

Blue 3way ----- for 4ohm woofer load, for 6ohm midrange load, for 6ohm tweeter load. points;575hz,4800hz
Blue 2way ----- for 4ohm midwoofer load, for 6ohm tweeter load. points; 2800hz

3. Description/Condition:
Red 3way MCX328 used. working. few scratches.
Red 2way 200.73 used. working. like new.

Blue 3way ----- used. working. few scratches. haze seems to be scratches
Blue 2way -----used. working. few scratches.

4. Price:
Red 3way MCX328 $70 shipped
Red 2way 200.73 SOLD

Blue 3way ----- SOLD
Blue 2way ----- SOLD

5. Pictures:

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Do you know the crossover points for the red 2-way set. Interested. Thanks
What about the crossover points on the Red 3 way?

the blue 3ways are

the blue 2ways are
by the way, the silkscreening is on the inside. these can be polished to a high shine and the MB Quart logos will be uneffected.
The red three way crossovers would pair excellently with the 4ohm 4" MB Quart mids Pillow is selling for $50 shipped! FS: MB Quart QM / RWC100 4 mids - Car Audio Classifieds

I have a pair of 6ohm QM100MX2 4" mids which have paper cones and rubber surrounds. They would go well with the blue 3way crossovers. I'll sell the 6ohm pair for $50 shipped!
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The blue 3ways and the 6ohm 4" sold to MisterTedster!

The blue two ways sold to David in Germany:thumbsup:

The Red 2 ways sold to Newarkbeast
STILL have the red 3ways $70 shipped!

Red 3way MCX328 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;700hz,5000hz

If you want to add a midrange to gain what you are missing because of your large midbass, these are the easiest way I know to do so.

They are made of great Coils, Caps, and Resistors which will handle oldschool 100watts RMS 200watts peak. {pretty much double that if you are running 14.4v rated stuff}
good seller, good deal for the 3 ways.

Same crossovers that I run a love them!
Thanks Pillow!
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