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I was wondering if any one could tell me what class i would be in in meca. Im running a DD M2A and 2 Sundown SA-8's with two C&D Tech 134ah Batts, no fusing. I was thinking AS1 and S1 but wanted to make sure if any one on here does meca
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what size fuse are you using?
do you care about points towards finals? also need more details 2 batts 1 up front 1 in the rear? box design aero or slot and resined?
S5 with no fusing. They have some rule about amp power, but your points wont count if you go that route. They will most likely just throw you in the biggest class anyway. best bet is to just add an inline 40 ampagu fuse within 18" of the amp and run s1 or an amatuer class.
dont think he can do as with the c and d batts
I was planing on not running any fusing what so ever. As for pox its just going to be a ported enclosure built for the two 8's. The box will be resined on the inside with a metal bar for bracing. No not really concerned with points towards finals. was just going to hit up a louisville ky show
one batt under hood and two C&D in the back or one depending on the class reqs
Youll just have to read the rules and ask them abou the amp power when you get thier if not youll be in S5.
well thats shitty as there is no way 2 8's are going to do S5 numbers lol. Ill be lucky to get a 145
yeah solo is right its s5 with no fusing
you can get that amp to burp on 40a of fuse no problem then your good in s1
thanks guys. You guys know of any one going to the Louisville KY show on the 26th? i know its a tripple point event
Is that the carl casper show? If so thats a huge car show. Its a good time.
yea its a carl casper show. im just looking to meet some like minded people and not be by myself there bored out of my mind
Alright you take the highest rating of the amp divided by 2 which is 1150 + cone area which is 100.48 = 1250.48. That puts you in S3. Still think you should just get a cheap agu fuse holder and add it on there just for the show and run S1.
ty solo i def think i will i have a few laying around just used to not running fuses lol
Yeah fuses suck!! I ran meca for 3 years and used fuses the first 2 and get gets expensive blowing them everytime you
i wish i could go but i dont feel like driving 11plus hrs lol bedides you wont want me there i still run s1 in my explorer and yeah fuses suck lol
got any advice for me then scott. I have the subs and going to build the box next weekend. I was going to run external aeros but idk. i know the box needs to be 1.2 cuft according to the testing by sundownz. im pretty sure he hit 150's in his jeep so i at least would like to hit a 145. got any suggestions. I still have batts the dc alt, suv is double layered with fatmat. got plenty of 1/0 to run batts and power wire
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