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MLA module. missing link audio

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1. Product: missing link audio dual alt harness.

2. Specs: allows you to run 2 alts and charge at 15.2v. has gm rounded 4 pin plugs.

GM Modules

3. Description/Condition: good shape. got this for my s10. going 16v. no longer need it.

4. Price: : $75 shipped.

5. Pictures:


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i need one very bad but they dont make one for my car? i have a 2005 honda crv is it possible to make it work with my DC alt?
that you would have to ask dc power.
Can this one also be used for Chrysler
Not sure. I don't know the compatability between the 2. I know this fits chevy that's all I know.
What year Chevy or GMC does this work on?
newer style with rounded 4 pin plug. if you have an adapter it will work on the older square plugs. mechman and dc power have the adapter harness.
Does it work for one alt setup on a 03 escalade?
man already? i sold this to u to go 16v as well! this makes a diff, i have a s10 but my alt is for a 05 suburban 5.3l, i idle at 13.4-13.8 depending on temp, with this i was 14.9-15.3 all day!
yea i was going to use this until i sold all my 12v stuff which i did not expect to happen.
mind pming me your pp account? I have money in hand and ready to take this off your hands.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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