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My 1991 crx build spl

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So the other day i went and pick up a honda crx to use for dbdrag. It has had second skin done to it. Now for what i need to do to it to get it going befor i can put my set up in it. I have 2 rolles of shok wire to run in the car. The motor needs some work brfor it will run and the alt need replace. Here are a few pics for now.

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yes but a lot of work to do to have it ready for the show next mo at finals
its sweet like the green rims i wanna make my next build a crx
ya the rims my go a new color lol. I am thinking pink lol
thats the only way to do it lol just wild out on it got to be outside of the box
i know a kid with an alt :) let me know if interested :)

yes aftermarket alt
ya wild out and even a bassracer set up to for fun
damn man you got this right before i offered him for it!! cant wait to see what you do with it at least if i didnt get it i can see whats gettin done to it!Lol and you got a good deal toO!!:thumbsup:
ya went and got id sat man a 6 hour round trip was a 12 hour trip b/c of the weather
damn that sucks it has been pretty shitty!!
yes it was but all good, and a lot of work to do
What you putting in there nick?
Up date today i got the car runing all it needed was a tune up. I got one of the batterys in the car under the hood and working on the battery buss yes copper. lol will post pic in a few
Jerry 2 xs power d3100 2 dd 9515d two gp3000 and a lot of shok wire.
Are you making it street class legal? Or just bass race?
street c and maybe some bass race
pic of battery in.

Now to get the wire and get that ran and one more battery. Going to start on the box soon
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1 - 20 of 87 Posts
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