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New 1/0 knukonceptz spool, 1/0 wire, Fuse Holder, Distros

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1. Product:
1.) NEW never used 55 ft spool of Knuconceptz ofc red wire. sold
2.) 14.5 feet New knuconceptz light blue CCA wire
3.) *2 pieces @ 12.5 feet Kicker Hyperflex blue Silver tinned OFC
*13 ft piece Kicker Hyperflex blue silver tinned OFC
*13.5 ft piece Kicker hyperflex blue silver tinned OFC
*15 ft piece Kicker hyperflex blue silver tinned OFC

4.) *11ft Shok black OFC 1/0
*14ft shok black OFC 1/0
5.) *11ft Stinger 1/0 red OFC + ANL fuse holder + 250 amp fuse + 2.5 feet 1/0 for a total length of 13.5 feet
*13.5 ft Q-power 1/0 red OFC + ANL fuse holder + 250 amp fuse + 3 ft 1/0 for a total length of 16.5 ft with ring terminal sold
6.) 9 pieces of knuconceptz 1/0 with ring terminals, varying in length from 1-3 feet.
2 pieces of shok black 1/0 at 3 and 4 feet
7.)*Tsunami Distro block - 1 4awg in, 4 8g out
*Rockford Fosgate distro - 1 4awg in, 4 8g out

2. Specs:
1.) New 1/0. 25.2 pounds with spool.
2.) CCA, 1/0
3.) Used silver tinned OFC
4.) Used OFC 1/0. Thick jacket.
5.) Used OFC 1/0. Thick jacket.
6.) Used OFC 1/0.
7.) Aluminum Tsunami distro, I believe plated aluminum RF

3. Description/Condition:
1.)Brand new wire.
2.)Never used, good shape
3.)Used, but good shape
4.)Used, but good shape
5.)Used, good shape, a bit dirty
6.)Used, good shape
7.)Great shape, I can't tell if they've been used but very minor scratches on plastic.

4. Price: :
1.) $180 + shipping from knuconceptz for 50 feet. $150 shipped should save about 25% and give a few extra feet.
2.)$20 plus shipping
3.)Currently selling for $6-7/ft new, I'm shooting for 2.5 used
*31.25 each
Prices are plus shipping, or
$125 shipped
Prices are plus shipping, or
$55 shipped
5.)*$40 shipped
6.)$2/ft @ about 24 feet total plus shipping, or
$50 shipped for all pieces
7.)$10 for both, plus shipping.

For ALL pieces not including the spool, totaling around 160 feet, lets go with $320 shipped. Includes disrtos if still available. At 70+ pounds in shipping this wont be cheap to ship as a lot! I'll also include the battery isolator pictured. I'm not sure if it works so I don't want to sell it, but it's worth something just in the aluminum lol

5. Pictures:


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Where are you located in SC?
I'm located in myrtle beach.
PMs returned.
The long piece with fuse holder is sold. Thanks.
Everyone's stuff has shipped. Thanks.
bump up top for seller. Good guy to work with. received my spool today(fast shipping). it was exactly as advertised.
Need an 18 if anyone wants to work a trade. Willing to spend some money.
Im interested in lot #3 txt me 5038817763
Pretty sure all pms are replied to.
All long kicker wire is gone.
Also no longer need a sub.
May be adding more wire shortly.
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