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New here, but not to car audio or ca forums...

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Hey guys,

Many of you might know me from, i've been a member and active seller over there since 2005. I buy/sell/trade car audio ALOT, and i hope to bring my good deals to this forum.

I look forward to doing business with many of the new faces around here.


P.S. here's a tase of what I have in my daily :)

this used to my in the same box pictured above, this xx-cyclops will be posted FS in a few min.

and my arts :)

back when my nightshade was in there
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Welcome man! and i love those PPI Art series amps man!
Good to see you here, welcome.
did you buy that team rockford off craigslist? i was trying to get it when when i was on vacation in fl lol
did you buy that team rockford off craigslist? i was trying to get it when when i was on vacation in fl lol
maaaybe :cool:
can an admin unlock my xx-cyclops thread so i can add pics with username and date....ive been selling car audio online since most of yalls mothers were using 56k modems, but i'd be happy to adhear to the rules since iTrader rating on different sites aparently dont mean anything here...
top right corner of your ad the little triangle click it and report the thread telling a mod you have proper pics ready to be added
welcome back

starting them young :)

like the screen name
welcome and enjoy... great amp
Once again another one of my fs threads gets deleted that I thought met all the requirements....what gives? No access to it to at least click report on and mention I want to correct it? Can I please get contact from a mod to assist me correct whatever issue my thread is having, that I have not been informed of btw...

I understand the need for rules... but for the good people trying to do it right and maybe make minor mistakes it's a huge hassle. I have to bother and beg mods to unlock it so it can be corrected? Is there not a better system in place to deal with this particular kind of situations?
Welcome man. seen those amps over at i wanna just hang em on my wall lol
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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