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Passive crossover help for midrange speakers

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Will be running 6 midrange speakers and 2 super tweeters. The supertweeters are going to have bass blockers up to 4khz. Then I want the midrange speakers to be crossed between 300hz-4000hz. I found this crossover and was just seeing if using them would do what I needed. My 4 channel amp doen't have enough crossovers and since the tweeters and 2 of the midrange are going to be on the rear of the amp I need something to seperate what frequencies they should see, but figured using this crossovers on the mids and bass blockers on the tweets would allow them to work properly. And I would need to get 6 of them and just hook each one up to its own midrange speaker. Only thing that confuses me is it says 300hz low pass filter and 300hz high pass and 4khz high pass filter. I need it to play frequencies between 300hz and 4khz, not above 4k and below 300.
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Nevermind...think I figured it out. It gives me the option to choose what part I want to block out and I can either block out from 0-300, 300-4khz, or 4k-up. So i'd just use the part that plays 300-4khz for my midranges.
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