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pioneer avic n3

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Whats up guys i just bought a pioneer avic n3 bnib for 395. what are your opinions of this unit?
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Don't really like the way it looks...
Wouldn't have paid that price for that HU...
But I guess it's okay?:dontknow:
ahh whats wrong with it?
ahh whats wrong with it?
Nothing really, just don't like flip outs imo...
ahh ok couldn't fit a double din in my cars why i got the flipout
ahh ok couldn't fit a double din in my cars why i got the flipout
Nice, it should be fine! Remember, it's not what others think... it's what you think!:thumbsup:
well true just wanted to know if they were a problem headunit etc. i mean i wouldn't compare them to a PA or something like that
I have to N1's so they are similar. The main issue is the ribbon cable. You may be able to get if fixed free through pioneer if it breaks though. Depending on were you purchased it. There are also a few other things that can go out but all in all the deck is good. It has one of the highest POI's for navigation and a nice res. screen. Once you get the layout of keys down navigation through the features is pretty easy. I would play with it for a couple hours and figure out what everything does.
ahh thanks man hope it's descent i'm going from a kenwood 794 to this
I have had nothing but Pioneer AVICs in all my cars since the N1 came out. Thought I needed a change and switched to an Alpine and a few Kenwoods, but when it came down to ease of use, asthetics, features, I've always gone or gone back to AVICs. In terms of reliability, I haven't had any issues with the units I have owned, and i've had N1-N5, D1-D3 and Z1s. At one point changing them more than I changed my socks lol.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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